All The Things

As much as I love the stuff I currently have, it doesn't suit or fit the cabin and would cost me an arm, a leg and a kidney to have it moved to the island, anyway. So it's going to charity.

Given that I'm aiming for a minimalist, sustainable existence, I've made a decision about furniture that may surprise many. I've gone full IKEA with their new sustainable range. It's very cost-effective and more than 98% of the wood used for IKEA products is either FSC-certified or recycled/recyclable. They 've also introduced a buy-back/resell scheme where you sell your old stuff back to them and they'll resell it in their second-hand section.

Everything I've purchased from IKEA, with the exception of cupboards/cabinets, is made from sustainable materials including solid softwoods and recycled polyester.

FRIHETEN sofa bed

NORDEN kitchen table / office desk

STENSTORP mini kitchen island

TERJE kitchen chair x 4

FJÄLLBO shelf x 2, coffee table x 1

RAKKESTAD wardrobe

HELLESTED jute rug

ASKHOLMEN outdoor setting

Blinds from TUISS

Panel blinds for entry doors, Roller blinds for windows

Both the fridge and washing are going underbench in the kitchen to maximize space. There is really no need for large appliances, anyway, for single occupancy. I'm not too fussed about energy rating as I'll be solar powered.

Airflo 156L Bar Fridge/Freezer

Esatto 6kg Front Load Washing Machine

Less is more. I won't have a traditional oven or stovetop, no pie-maker, no waffle maker, no popcorn machine, no toaster, no slow cooker, no breadmaker, no pressure cooker, no electric frypan, no electric wok, no rice-maker, no steamer or any other fandangled gadgets. The two appliances below are all I'll need to cook, fry, roast, bake, boil, toast, grill, steam, poach, reheat... and pop.

Bellini Air Fryer Oven

Ikea Microwave

The vacuum cleaner is perhaps a bit of an over reach for a 5 x 3.4 space but if I buy quality, It may just last until I'm no longer physically capable of using it.

Bosch Athlet handstick

And because the bamboo floor guy said not to scrub, wet-mop or steam the floor - just wipe it down gently with soapy water... I got one of these.


There will be no TV. My laptop has a big enough screen and with unlimited broadband I can stream FTV and anything else I like on it. No need to buy yet another plastic thing that will end up in landfill or bother installing an antenna.

No lawnmower either. No lawns, just mainly natives.

I've sold the car in Sydney and bought a cheap island car to see me through until early 2023 when I'll be one of the fortunate first to receive a brand new Australian-made Electric Yewt from Ace-EV