Member · The Ethics Centre

The Ethics Centre is a fully independent NFP working with businesses, professions, community groups, governments, and individuals to assist in the inclusion of the ethical dimension in their daily lives. The Centre provides an open forum for the exploration and promotion of ethical questions and serve as a catalyst and enabler for society to think, debate and act in good conscience, particularly in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity.

The Ethics Centre is a world leader in assessing cultural health and building the leadership capability to make good ethical decisions in complexity. We work with boards, executive teams and their organisations to build ethical capital and value; for the organisation and with the communities and stakeholders they serve. We design and embed ethics frameworks and thinking into the DNA of an organisation, managing risk, enabling innovation and future-proofing the organisation.

Ethicall: The Centre provides free expert and impartial guidance to help people make their way through life’s toughest challenges, when there’s nowhere else to turn. Whether your ethical issue is personal or professional, large or small, we can help you find clarity and a path forward.

Interactive experiences: Curated conversations, debates and workshops that explore ethics and the most important challenges we face, together. My gvorite, the IQ2 debate series covers the biggest issues of our times, building a bridge between ideological extremes to deliver smart, civil and engaging debate.

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI): is the original disruptive festival that brings to light important conversations that push the boundaries of conventional thought. It presents a line-up of international and local thinkers and culture creators, inviting the public to immerse themselves in ideas and conversations that encourage debate and critical thinking.