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Funky Little Shack

I commissioned the cabin on the mainland from PRT Industries who specialize in custom-made, portable, repurposed products to suit a range of domestic, industrial, and rural uses.

Covid, a totally and utterly fucked up council, and a shoddy 'tradie' caused the project to come in around $50k over budget and 8 months late.

The cabin was barged across to the island and installed on 8 footings.

I designed the cabin to be minimalist to the max - an off-grid sustainable unit with only a nominal footprint. Most everything is either recycled or recyclable - or both.

The basics:

  • 9.3 x 3.4 including 3 x 3.4 deck (7.5 x 3.4 delivered, additional 1.8 deck ext onsite)

  • Steel frame

  • External sheeting: Stratco Maxirib

  • Internal walls: Easycraft VJ with wool insulation

  • Aluminium windows with flyscreen: 100 wide x 1100 high

  • Aluminium sliding door with flyscreen: 1800 wide x 2100 high

  • Flooring: Stonewood natural bamboo

  • Bathroom flooring: Recycled rubber

  • Roof: DeltaTrim™ panels and insulation

  • HWS: Rinnai Hotflo 160L

  • Aircon: Gree split system

  • Solar: Sungrow SGR- 5G5K-D Premium 5.0KW 1 Phase Tesla Wifi Ready 14 panels

  • Rainwater Tank: Thintank 1000L

  • Greenhouse: Maze (Palram) Polycarbonate

  • Garden Shed: Easyshed 2.25 skillion

Sungrow Solar by Watts Up

Thintank 1000L rainwater tank

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