Custodian Patron · State Library of NSW

The State Library of NSW, Australia's oldest library, collects and preserves materials and evidence relating to our place in the world and makes them accessible to everyone in New South Wales and beyond. The Library exists in order to support and encourage research, debate, conversation, inspiration, learning and enjoyment. We welcome all people and strive to serve them all equally well, whether they visit us in person on Macquarie Street, online, or through their local public library.

I support the library because as a kid, and subsequently a secondary and tertiary student pre-www, I spent countless hours at the SLN and absolutely adored every second. I owe much to the wonderful library staff who guided me through all the challenging bits.

As well as the standard library services you would expect, SLN also provides:

Indigenous services: connecting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to share and celebrate stories of Indigenous Australia and help to locate them in the Library's collections. It's also where you can get advice on Indigenous matters and protocols related to the collection.

Multicultural Services: helping NSW public libraries deliver valuable services to multicultural communities. Other services include Large Print, Talking Book and Multicultural bulk loans. You can also find online resources and newspapers in community languages.

Public library services: assisting local councils or public libraries with advice and support. This can be in the form of: advice; funding; review services; connectivity; professional development; and specialist information services.

Learning services: where you'll find high quality learning programs and resources for K-12 students and teachers, kids and families, lifelong learners and students of the Library and Information profession. Programs are delivered onsite, online and on tour across NSW.

Tertiary education: Students can take part in free research orientation programs and self-guided visits. There are also tailored sessions for help with coursework or research degrees. And you can book a one-on-one consultation for help with a tricky research question.