On Politics

Far too often, political discourse involves opinionated claptrap from ill-informed, narrow minded, angry players - of all political persuasions - invariably resulting in insults, personal attacks or even worse. So I avoid it like the plague. But politics and politicians impact almost every aspect of our daily lives and those of future generations so I do give it reasonable consideration - mostly privately.

I don't trust politicians. Any of them. To be elected to office, politicians have to break kneecaps, knife a few backs, tread on some toes and tell a bucketload of porkies along the way. You can't get there otherwise.

As for leanings, I'm neither a Liberal nor a Labor supporter. I don't believe this two party political system we erroneously refer to as a democracy is fit for purpose. It hasn't been for decades. It's neither representative nor conducive to the betterment of conditions to the nations population. But it's the LNP that has been in control since 2013 so it's their performance I'll judge and comment on.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a lying, cheating, rorting, shirking, smirking, human rights abusing, climate change denying, misogynistic, rapist enabling, inept, racist, happy-clapping, cowardly, embarrassing, rude, arrogant, condescending, criminal, lazy slob - and party members seem to happily dance along to his lead - as does a good chunk of mainstream media.

For all the deaths, all the mental and physical struggles, all the pain and anguish, all the poverty and abuse his government has knowingly and intentionally inflicted on the nation through its selfserving, cruel, oppressive, regressive, criminal policies, Morrison and his entire front bench deserve a very long stay at Her Majesties pleasure.

Don't worry, I won't be sued for defamation - you can't defame the infamous.

Having said all the above, I'm not all that sure the other lot would fare any better but I'd damn well like to see them give it a shot.