The Fat Lady Sang

After over 40 years hard slog, I have finally retired from the mainstream workforce. So I removed the blog and disable all social media except for Twitter, on which I'm still quite active. I don't plan to update the site with anything other than info on my island sea/tree change when something worth a mention comes up.

I've purchased a small block on Macleay Island in Moreton Bay on which I intend to erect a minimalist off-grid shack furnished and equipped with predominantly upcycled bits and pieces. I've pre-ordered one of the 1st 30 Australian made EV Yewt's to roll off the production line as well as an e-Propulsion dinghy to take with me. Good times.

I'm hoping stage 1 of the build will be complete by early September when I'll likely furnish it and go down the rental or Air BNB track until I can head up to QLD. Stage 2 will see additions to the build and me actually moving in.

Images of the island, the shack, the furnishings and updates of where we're at so far available HERE!

Instead of manicured gardens of introduced plant species, I'm just going to let nature take its course with native species already growing there. The cabin is being designed to fit neatly on the land without too much clearing but if a tree or two must be felled, they will be used in the cabin build. I'll likely look at rescuing a couple of hounds once I'm up there, as well.

That's where and how I intend to live out the rest of my days - I refuse to be any more of a burden on mother nature than is absolutely necessary.