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Landscaping & Memorial Orchard

My first project on the property is a small memorial orchard at the southern boundary, dedicated to the asylum seekers and refugees who died on or as a result of the LNP’s offshore detention regime since 2013.

Each tree will have a name plaque installed alongside it.

I'll only be planting native edibles or medicinals on this part of the property.

I’m not sure of exact numbers yet but estimate around two dozen. Just waiting for the wonderful people at the Kaldor Centre who are assisting with researching names and numbers because Home Affairs wouldn’t provide the information.

Here are a few plaques/stakes that are ready to go

As at 1/12/22, 6 macadamia trees and 6 orange berry trees have been planted and staked with memorial plaques.

Trees, shrubs and other native edibles planted so far:

6 x Macadamia

1 x Native ginger

2 x Native mulberry

6 x Orange berry

2 x Cedar Bay cherry

5 x Midyim Berry

3 x Finger lime

4 x Native pigface

1 bed x Warrigal greens

1 bed x Native violet

6 x Lilly Pilly Baby Boomer (front boundary Hedge)

1 x Native sea celery

1 x Native mint

1 x native thyme

1 x native oregano

In addition, I'm working on two small garden beds, at the front of the cabin, one each named for Kopika and Tharnicca - the two Aussie born toddlers kidnapped, imprisoned and detained for over three years by the crud in the Australian government. They are mainly flowering natives.

Newly planted Macadamias - early May 2022

Six months later in November - twice the size. They should reach around 3m and start fruiting in four years,

Lilly Pilly hedge-fence build in progress - early May 2022

I just cleaned that bench on Thursday!

I commissioned an indigenous themed aluminium composite feature to hide the ugly water tank. It has been manufactured - just waiting for the tank to be straightened properly before it's installed.

The original front porch had to be dismantled and rebuilt due to shoddy workmanship. This is the new improved version.

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